Stay Safe. Stay Strong. 

Space Dividers, Masks & SafeKeys

We can supply your company with branded or plain skin-friendly washable masks. 

Order SafeKeys to ensure your team can open doors and use buttons and levers safely.

Keep your work environment safe with space dividers.

Space Divider Shields

Space Divider Shields to protect your staff in your company or organisation. 

The shields are a Plexiglass panel supplied with an attractive wooden foot base for stability. The germ shields are easy and quick to install!

PPE Washable Face Masks

Facemasks for personal use supplied with KN95 filter.

Material: 100% skin-friendly cotton internal layer & polyester outsider layer. Soft spandex strap in White or black.

One size fits all. Full-colour digital branding. Packed into an individual polybag. Also available in microfibre at an additional cost

Safe Key For Doors, Buttons & Levers

Safe Key is a simple but effective safety key.

The SafeKey lets you open doors, push buttons and pull levers without touching them.

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